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ESD-Safe Plastibox Containers

Manufacturer: Lewis Bins

FOB: Midwest Warehouse
Sold in Carton Quantities Only!
$175.00 Minimum Order Required

ESD-Safe Part Bins are used to protect parts from the damaging effects of static electricity. ESD-Safe Part bins are permanently molded in conductive material for use in cleanrooms and workstations. Combine Part Bins with ESD-Safe Metal Storage Systems to meet your work-in-process requirements.

  • 8 sizes available.
  • Label insert area for easy identification.
  • Smooth gravity flow interior optimizes parts accessibility.
  • Molded-in dividers available on 6 models.
  • Bins hang on most louvered panels or rails.
  • Solid covers are available to further protect parts by creating a Faraday Cage.

ESD-Safe Material:

  • Thermoplastic polyproplene material based upon carbon black that has a surface resistance of less than 1.0 x 10^4 ohms or surface resistivity of <10 x 10^5 ohms/square.
  • XL material has a static decay rate from 5,000 volts to 0 of less than two seconds.
  • This material has a useful temperature range of 40° F to 225° F, with intermittent use recommended at the higher end of the temperature range.