All of our prices are product prices and do not include freight charges. Our products vary widely and shipping charges are affected by a number of variables. Freight charges are determined based on five factors: F.O.B. Point (where the item ships from), Destination Point (where you want it shipped to), Shipping Method (carrier transporting the shipment), The Merchandise (physical dimensions, weight and quantity which determine the shipping class) and Fuel Surcharges (caused by rising gas prices). Each of these factors are explained in greater detail below.

F.O.B. Point

This is the point the item ships from. Freight charges are calculated from the nearest F.O.B. Point to the Destination Point. Products we carry in stock are F.O.B. Donald, Oregon (near Portland - our Zip Code here is 97020). Many products ship directly from manufacturers stock or from the manufacturers distribution point. Some of the larger manufacturers have distribution centers in several locations across the country allowing us to ship from an F.O.B. Point as close to your Destination as possible to lower both shipment time and cost.

Destination Point

This is simply where you want the item shipped to as indicated by information you entered on the "Ship To" portion of the checkout form during the shopping cart checkout procedure.

Shipping Method

The carrier transporting the shipment. This could be UPS, FedEx, USPS, or a common carrier (trucking company) such as Reddaway, USF Bestway, Roadway etc. As a rule of thumb, your order will be shipped UPS if possible. Many items are too large and/or too heavy for UPS to handle. These items normally ship via common carrier. The carrier we select for you depends on the destination you specify. We will leverage our special rates and long-standing relationships with these companies to obtain the best rate possible for you and your destination. If you are purchasing multiple items we will always attempt to package them together to obtain a savings on shipping costs.

The Merchandise

As mentioned above, the Merchandise you are ordering is a big factor in determining the shipping method required. Physical dimensions and weights dictate the shipping classification which in turn tells us which carriers can handle your shipment. We will explore the options available to obtain the best rates for you. Orders involving multiples of the same product or multiple different products shipping to the same destination will be packaged in such a way as to obtain the lowest possible shipping cost.

Fuel Surcharges

Due to the price fluctuation of oil worldwide, freight charges that are quoted by the shipping carrier can be subject to change without notice.