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RiveTier II Work Benches

Supplier: Western Pacific

F.O.B. San Dimas, CA - Plano, TX - Paris, KY
Color: Gray

While RiveTier II is manufactured from the same high-quality steel as RiveTier I, its design offers the following significant advantages:

  • Low-cost units - cost per shelf is lower than RiveTier® I
  • Assembles faster than metal shelving - saving 30-40% on installation costs
  • No sway, cross braces, clips, corner gussets, nuts, bolts or cutting required
  • Sized just right to store Mufflers
  • Various types of wood can be used for decking. Contact your local lumber yard for prices and availability. Recommended types: 3/4" or 5/8" Plywood or 5/8" Particleboard

Standard finish is powder coated in gray - special colors are available with added cost and delay. All primary components are manufactured from 14ga. steel. All models are 3 feet high, particleboard decking sold separately. Models ending in -1 include a lower shelf(not shown) that sits beneath the tabletop.

Note: RiveTier® II is not interchangeable with RiveTier® I or RiveTier® III