Deluxe Bin Box Cabinets

Manufacturer: Tennsco
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FOB: Midwest warehouse
Colors: Sand, Champagne/Putty, Light Grey, Medium Grey, and Black

Tennsco's Storage Cabinet with bin rails is ideal for small part storage keeping your inventory organized and out of sight. 

  • Welded construction.
  • Two chrome handles on cabinet with three-point keyed locking mechanism.
  • Adjustable bin rails adjust on 2” centers, providing flexibility to store a variety of bin heights.
  • Snap-in rivet design allows bin rails to be connected without tools.

Note: Storage bins are not included and are not sold by Tennsco.

Bins may be up to 15" deep in 18" D cabinets, and up to 18" deep in 24" D cabinets. Bin loaded weights must not exceed 30 lbs per rail.