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Containers with Lids

Supplier: Bayhead

FOB: East Coast Warehouse

Molded plastic lids are included with these three bulk containers.

  • The SJ-1 lid is domed to allow coverage of contents even when it is overfilled. (SJ-1 bin height without lid is 24.5".) Ribbing adds extra strength to the lid and sidewalls. SJ-1 Outside dimension height includes the lid. 
  • The "HC" bulk containers have straight-sided walls and telescoping lids.
  • Space is maximized by elimination of rim. HC-2 has metal binding on the rim along the long sided for extra strength.
  • The HC-1 is able to nest 50% with lid removed.
  • Options include: Drop handles, latches, hinged lids, stenciling, and drains.