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COMBI-CB Compact Multi-Directional Forklift

Supplier: Combilift

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From Material Flow & Conveyor Systems - 1-800-338-1382

It’s small but packs a punch – the Combi-CB was a groundbreaking development in the materials handling sector as it was the first forklift to combine the benefits of multi-directional capability with counterbalance design.

More compact than a traditional counterbalance truck, the Combi-CB handles palletised as well as long loads and as such benefits operations that need to move and store diverse sizes of products whilst also enabling them to make optimum use of storage space.

Sharing the hallmarks of other Combilift products, the all-wheel drive Combi-CB works effortlessly indoors and out and copes with less than ideal ground conditions. Its versatility enables it to offload from HGVs, bring product directly to racking or free stacking areas as well as to feed production lines. Its compact dimensions offer a further advantage: the low profile design enables it to enter into containers for stuffing and destuffing, considerably speeding up this procedure.

The range of these highly versatile and maneuverable models has grown considerably since the first Combi-CB was launched: lift capacities of 2.5t to 4t are now available with a choice of LP Gas, diesel or electric. Side shift comes as standard and an integrated hydraulic fork positioner is an option to facilitate the handling of various sized loads without operators having to leave the cab to manually adjust the forks. Other options include a fully enclosed cab, a cab heater and a detachable four fork spreader bar.