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RiveTier III Heavy Duty Upright Posts

Supplier: Western Pacific

F.O.B. San Dimas, CA - Plano, TX - Paris, KY
Color: Gray

RiveTier III Heavy Duty LURHD are used as upright posts at the start and end of a shelf run.  For shelving units over 12 ft. high or requiring higher capacity.  Also, for applications less than 12 ft. high, where adding a catwalk system may be an option.  Use RiveTier III Heavy Duty T-Posts TUR between shelving units.

RiveTier III is made from the same high-quality steel as previous generations of RiveTier, but offers the advantage of using mitered beams thus removing the need for separate Left-to-Right and Front-to-Back beams.

A standard starter shelving unit consists of:

  • 4 x Upright Angle Posts
  • 2 x Shelf Beams in the desired width
  • 2 x Shelf Beams in the desired depth
  • 1 x Particleboard decking per shelf
  • 2 x Shelf-Tie-Support beams per shelf on all units 96" wide

For heavy loads add 1 Shelf-Tie-Support beam per shelf. To increase capacity further replace Left-to-Right beams with Channel Left-to-Right beams on all shelves except bottom level.

Note: RiveTier® III is not interchangeable with RiveTier® I or RiveTier® II but is compatible with Rapid Rack and Jaken boltless shelving.

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15 Models for RiveTier III Heavy Duty Upright Posts

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Model No. Height (in.) Weight (lbs.) Price Ea. Qty
06LURHD-RIV3 72 4.7 $16.25
07LURHD-RIV3 84 5.5 $18.98
08LURHD-RIV3 96 6.2 $21.61
08.75LURHD-RIV3 105 6.8 $23.15
09LURHD-RIV3 108 7 $24.32
10LURHD-RIV3 120 7.8 $27.06
11LURHD-RIV3 132 8.6 $28.75
12LURHD-RIV3 144 9.4 $31.50
14LURHD-RIV3 168 10.9 $36.81
15LURHD-RIV3 180 11.7 $39.57
15.15LURHD-RIV3 181.5 11.8 $40.65
16LURHD-RIV3 192 12.5 $43.31
17LURHD-RIV3 204 13.3 $46.01
18LURHD-RIV3 216 14 $48.66
20LURHD-RIV3 240 15.5 $54.00
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