30 and 36 Inch Wide Drawer Cabinets

Manufacturer: Rousseau

Engineered to be the most dependable and longest lasting cabinets. Various drawer configurations plus optional drawer partition kits allow for 100's of different sized items to be organized in a single unit. All drawers have full side heights to provide maximum storage. Drawers smoothly extend on roller bearings. Full width handle has additional hand recess. Includes cabinet lock, forklift base with cover, and anchor hardware for concrete or wood floors.


  • 20 gauge steel cabinet
  • 18 gauge steel drawers
  • 400 lbs. capacity per drawer
  • Single point multi-drawer cylinder lock
  • All welded construction

Number of Drawers with Drawer Heights

RDC-3624-5 and RDC-3027-5:

  • Four 5" H
  • One 6" H

RDC-3624-7 and RDC-3024-7:

  • Three 4"H
  • Two 6"H
  • Two 8"H

RDC-3624-9 and RDC-3027-9:

  • One 3"H
  • Five 4"H
  • One 5"H
  • Two 6"H

RDC-3624-8 and RDC-3024-8:

  • Five 6"H
  • Three 8"H

RDC-3624-10 and RDC-3027-10:

  • Two 4"H
  • Six 5"H
  • Two 8"H

RDC-3624-11 and RDC-3027-11:

  • Two 3"H
  • Four 4"H
  • Four 6"H
  • One 8"H

36" wide units work well with standard 36" wide shelving.
Specify cabinet color: Red, Everest Blue, Beige or Gray.

12 Models Available for
30 and 36 Inch Wide Drawer Cabinets

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Model No. Key Drawer Quantity Overall Height Dimensions Price Ea. Qty
RDC-3624-5 A 5 32" 36"W x 24"D $1115.44
RDC-3027-5 A 5 32" 30"W x 27"D $1115.44
RDC-3624-7 B 7 46" 36"W x 24"D $1390.72
RDC-3024-7 B 7 46" 30"W x 27"D $1390.72
RDC-3624-9 C 9 46" 36"W x 24"D $1621.98
RDC-3027-9 C 9 46" 30"W x 27"D $1621.98
RDC-3624-8 D 8 60" 36"W x 24"D $1627.12
RDC-3024-8 D 8 60" 30"W x 27"D $1627.12
RDC-3624-10 E 10 60" 36"W x 24"D $1847.10
RDC-3027-10 E 10 60" 30"W x 27"D $1847.10
RDC-3624-11 F 11 60" 36"W x 24"D $1943.33
RDC-3027-11 F 11 60" 30"W x 27"D $1943.33