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Vestil Scratched and Dented Loading Dock Equipment

Manufacturer: Vestil

Although the items listed in the Scratch and Dent Inventory are in working condition, none are new.  Accuracy of inventory information is not guaranteed.

Scratched and dented products are listed below. To see new products, remove -SND from the model number and enter it into the search box above.

Laminated Dock Bumper V-1124-6-SND
Aluminum Hand Truck Dockboard AHTD-3048-SND
Fabricated Aluminum Bridge FHCR-24-40-8-4H-SND
Fabricated Aluminum Bridge FHCR-24-36-4-4H-SND
Aluminum Walk Ramp AWR-28-6A-SND
Aluminum Wheel Risers ATWR-18-12-72-SND
Aluminum Wheel Risers ATWR-24-12-78-SND
Aluminum Wheel Risers ATWR-24-8-60-SND
Aluminum Wheel Risers ATWR-18-6-54-SND
Laminated Vertical Dock Bumpers V-1124-4.5-SND
Extruded Bumper M-4-36-SND
Trailer Stabilizing Jack LO-J-BEAM-SND
Specialty Molded Dock Bumper B-1224-6-SND

FOB Midwest Warehouse

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13 Models for Vestil Scratched and Dented Loading Dock Equipment

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Model No. Quantity Description Status New Product Price Ea. Qty
V-1124-6-SND 1 Laminated Dock Bumper Rubber is separating V-1124-6 $96.04
AHTD-3048-SND 1 Aluminum Hand Truck Dockboard Scratched AHTD-3048 $491.82
FHCR-24-40-8-4H-SND 1 Fabricated Aluminum Bridge Legs bent in / not 4" or 8" wide FHCR-24-40-8-4H $357.35
FHCR-24-36-4-4H-SND 2 Fabricated Aluminum Bridge Legs bent in / not 4" or 8" wide FHCR-24-36-4-4H $330.45
AWR-28-6A-SND 1 Aluminum Walk Ramp Has prototype wheel kit attached AWR-28-6A $431.60
ATWR-18-12-72-SND 2 Aluminum Wheel Risers 1 pair with handles / slow moving returns ATWR-18-12-72 $849.16
ATWR-24-12-78-SND 1 Aluminum Wheel Risers Dirty - slow mover ATWR-24-12-78 $904.22
ATWR-24-8-60-SND 1 Aluminum Wheel Risers Dirty ATWR-24-8-60 $776.15
ATWR-18-6-54-SND 1 Aluminum Wheel Risers Dirty ATWR-18-6-54 $536.64
V-1124-4.5-SND 1 Laminated Vertical Dock Bumpers Gouged V-1124-4.5 $67.87
M-4-36-SND 1 Extruded Bumper Twisted M-4-36 $51.25
LO-J-BEAM-SND 1 Trailer Stabilizing Jack Offset axle LO-J-BEAM $450.82
B-1224-6-SND 1 Specialty Molded Dock Bumper Gouged B-1224-6 $94.76
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