Permanent Lift Magnets - RPL Series

Manufacturer: Eriez Magnetics

  • Super compact.
  • Handle multiple operations with same magnet.

Lift, move, or position round or flat materials with the same magnet. Super compact rare earth SafeHold® RPL Series manually operated permanent lift magnets offer the flexibility to handle multiple operations. Five models with capacities up to 5,000 lbs. on flat and 1,250 lbs. on round materials. Locking mechanism built into handle for one hand operation. Manual ON and OFF. No power supply required. .


Surface Condition: Magnet face and load surface must be clean and smooth. Capacity ratings listed are on flat, clean and polished steel plate with magnet face in full contact with the load surface. Paint, coatings, scale or other materials between the load surface and the magnet will adversely affect the holding power of the magnet.

Material Thickness: Lifting capacity is lower on thinner materials. Contact dealer for more capacity information.

Material Composition: Magnet capacity is based on lifting low carbon steel. Other materials may reduce lifting capacity.

Load Size and Position: Thin sheets, rough and irregular surfaces, odd shapes and scale all affect holding power adversely and must be considered in establishing a safety factor. The magnet must be positioned on the load center of gravity. Tilted or unbalanced loads significantly affect the holding power of the magnet.

Capacity: Maximum attractive force is approximately twice the rated lifting capacity. Capacity ratings listed are on flat, clean and polished steel plate with magnet face in full contact with the load surface. The above factors should be taken into account when determining appropriate safety factors for a given load. A minimum of 3 to 1 safety factor must be applied based on the actual breakaway force for a given load. Refer to ASME Standard B30.20 for inspection and operating procedures of Close Proximity Operated Lifing Magnets and read Manufacturer's Operating Manual before using magnet.

5 Models Available for
Permanent Lift Magnets - RPL Series

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Model No. Flat Max. Capacity (lbs.) Round Max Capacity (lbs.) Size (L x W x H) Weight Price Ea. Qty
RPL-2 250 lbs 125 lbs 3-9/16 x 2-1/2 x 2-5/8" 7 lbs $263.30
RPL-7 750 lbs 375 lbs 6-3/8 x 3-5/8 x 3-9/16" 22 lbs $540.73
RPL-15 1500 lbs 750 lbs 9-1/8 x 4-13/16 x 4-5/8" 53 lbs $897.22
RPL-25 2500 lbs 1250 lbs 10-5/8 x 6-15/16 x 6-13/32" 110 lbs $1723.55
RPL-50 5000 lbs - 14-7/8 x 9-7/32 x 8-11/32" 276 lbs $3292.19