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Hilman Traksporter

Manufacturer: Hilman Rollers

The Hilman Traksporter is a self propelled crawler system designed to move the heavyweights safely, easily and efficiently while not damaging the floor surface.

The Traksporter is comprised of a power unit that contains a 23hp propane gas engine. The engine powers a series of hydraulic pumps which in turn drive two track pads, on the crawler, that contact the floor. Each track pad is controlled by a bi-directional joystick on the remote. The contact pad on the crawler where the load makes contact is a swivel plate that allows the crawler to make turns.

The Traksporter is intended to be operated on level floors, preferably concrete. The smooth steel pads are made in such a way that they will not damage most concrete floors; painted or otherwise sealed.

The remote control unit allows users to operate Traksporter up to 20 ft away.

The crawler is the heard of the Traksporter. Rated at 30 ton capacity, it is capable of moving up to 100 tons on three contact points (assuming your other contact points are sufficient capacity). The crawler has a profile of 6" overall height.

The power unit has a 30 ft umbilical that houses the hydraulic lines to the crawler. When not in use, the crawler is stowed away in the bottom of the power unit.

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Model No. Description Capacity Price Ea. Qty
TK50-BASIC Traksporter Basic Package 50 Tons $81413.13
TK75-BASIC Traksporter Basic Package 75 Tons $85559.87
TK100-BASIC Traksporter Basic Package 100 Tons $106799.39
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