Commercial Grade Mobile Tool Carts

Manufacturer: Triton

Mobile Tool carts offer flexible and secure storage solutions that enhance maintenance operations, service performance and aid in plant-wide standardization. Versatile, dual-sided portable tool carts allow users to efficiently organize, manage and store tools, equipment and small parts without clutter.

Each tool cart is a secure, convenient and productive way to transport tools, small parts and equipment virtually anywhere. Two fixed and two swivel casters allow carts to move smoothly when fully loaded over most surfaces. Visually locate tools. Carts offer additional storage with a sturdy aluminum bottom tray for containerized liquids, personal tool boxes, etc. Purchase double locking hook kits for complete secure storage.

LBC-18H includes four 18 x 36" LocBoards™ and 60 piece LocHook™ assortment.

5 Models Available for
Commercial Grade Mobile Tool Carts

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Model No. Pegboard Use with Hooks Assembled Directions Caster Size Storage Space Load Rating Weight Price Ea. Qty
DBC-4 DuraBoard Polypropylene 76901 and 76995 48" x 26-1/2" x 53" 5" 32 sq. ft / 8 sq. ft. Tray 650 lbs 80 lbs $1297.70
LBC-4 LocBoard Steel LH-1 and LH-2 48-1/2" x 26-1/2" x 45" 5" 28.3 sq. ft. / 8 sq. ft. Tray 850 lbs 92 lbs $1297.70
LBC-4SS LocBoard Stainless Steel Stainless Steel LocHooks 48-1/2 x 26-1/2 x 45" 5" 28.3 850 lbs 115 lbs $1767.68
LBC-4SSH LocBoard Stainless Steel Includes 66 pc. Stainless LocHook assortment 48-1/2 x 26-1/2 x 45" 5" 28.3 850 lbs 124 lbs $1993.17
LBC-18H LocBoard Steel Includes 60 pc. LocHook assortment 36-1/2" x 21" x 39" 3" 18 sq. ft / 4.8 sq. ft. Tray 600 lbs 65 lbs $762.60

2 Options Available for
Commercial Grade Mobile Tool Carts

Option: DuraHook Locking Pegboard Hooks

DuraHook™ double locking pegboard hook is designed to fit DuraBoard™, 1/8" and 1/4" wood pegboard products just by changing the enclosed locking screws.


  • Hooks install from the front with no need to remove the board
  • Each hook can be mounted in four different and unique positions, combined with other styles, making them capable of accommodating virtually any tool
  • DuraHook™ patented double locking system ensures they will always stay put and never fall out.
  • Model No. Description Weight Price Ea. Qty
    76901 26 Piece DuraHook assortment includes 24 locking peghooks and 2 hanging bins 4 lbs $25.00
    76995 95 Piece DuraHook Pro-Series assortment includes 85 locking peghooks and 10 assorted hanging bins 12 lbs $96.00

    Option: LocHook Locking Pegboard Hooks

    LocHook™ 2-and 4-point contact interlocking tabs attach to the LocBoard™ for metal to metal holding confidence.


  • LocHook™ steel square hole pegboard hooks can be positioned, rotated or combined with other hook styles to improve holding power and offer storage solutions for odd shaped and heavy tools
  • Use with LocBoard™ or Kennedy Square Hole toolboard panels.
  • Model No. Description Weight Price Ea. Qty
    LH-1 46 piece LocHook assortment. Includes 10 asst. single rods, 10 asst. double rods, 10 asst. spring clips, 5-single rings, 5 curved hooks, 5 double loops and 1 multi prong tool holder 7 lbs $89.75
    LH-2 63 piece LocHook assortment. Includes 15 asst. single rods, 15 asst. double rods, 15 asst. spring clips, 5-single rings, 5 curved hooks, 5 hammer/pliers holders, 1 multi prong t 9 lbs $129.00